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Turbo Setup (parts?)

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I have a 97 3000gt (SOHC), what parts would i need to turbocharge it. I'm planning on getting parts from another VR-4. Is this worth it? and How much would this cost? Thanks!
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Run a search on "Turbo Conversion"

Look for anything posted by "Ekonizer"


Bottom line: fairly to very expensive depending on how much you can do yourself. Results can be impressive, but not a task to be undertaken by any but those who know their s$%@. MOST people just save their money and buy a TT.
Dude, I'm working on a tt set for my car and guestemistate the price of parts will be around $1000-$1500. Considering how gtpro wants and $7000 for their tt setup and knight turbos wants $3000 for their supercharger, I'd have to say I'm saving a bit of money here..........even though both companys sell good kits. Email me for a parts list brian from gtpro created awhile back....its on my computer at home. The only problem I forsee is trying to figure out where all those damn vacuum hoses go and how/where to setup the lines for the waste gate actuator lines to..............right to the turbo outlet or use a T-fitting and right to the y-pipe. any suggestions? I wouldn't have began to attempt this project if it weren't for Matt at Dynamic racing suggesting using vr4 parts as opposed to selling me an expensive tt kit.
TT setup

Yeah $8000 is way too much for turbos because you can just buy a used VR-4 for that money. If you get the turbos installed how much boost do you think you'll be be able to run? As far as working with turbos i'm clueless but i was going to have a friend of mine do it. Can i have the list for the needed parts? My e-mail is [email protected] THANKS...
I'll send you the list tomorrow (Sunday), I'm out of town and the list is on my computer at home. As for boost, the general consesus was no more than 7 psi. Remember that due to the higher compression ration of the n/a engine, we cant run the 15 psi boost the vr4s are capable of without some serious upgrades or lowering the compression of the engine.
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