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With the weather changing and the leaves in the USA NE region, I was thinking it'd be a great time of year to do a drive. Find some back roads and go for a cruise.

I personally live in the NW NJ(warren county) and know a bunch of local roads that are great for driving as well as some good eateries for lunch or an early dinner. I've got a few roads in mind that would end up nearer to NYC if not up into CT.

Dates: October:27

so provided the NE doesn't get a freak storm of the century(sandy) or a freak October snow storm(2011) we should be good.

right now, i'm looking at about 20 cars, this number seems to increase each day. this event is open to any make or model. I've got a 2011 mazda 3 to a 2007 911 turbo as well as various cars in between.

post up who's in, will be on to update as we go

this is also found on rennlist, l4p, and facebook, may add rx7club and supraforums, and a z forum if I could find one that covers all the generations.

the route has been made and involves several stoppages at vantage point for pictures of scenery as well as cars and such.

starting point: 459 Rte 31
Washington Township, nj

ending point: a bbq restaurant near bear mountain, ny. i'm still trying to find the name of the restaurant, but it's very good, been there for 30+ years, and no joking, nothing on their menu is bad, Carolina pulled pork is the best imo.

this is also in the 3si nj section
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