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3372 lbs of pure pain

Is that with the carbon hood? & what other weight reduction?
w/ or w/o you in the car?

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GT Pro Carbon Fiber Hood
Fidanza Flywheel
Unorthodox Racing Underdrive Pulley
Volk Racing TE-37 Rims (18X9)
Dynabatt Battery
Corbeau GTS II Seats
ATR Downpipe
Borla Catback

Pre Cats
Main Cat
Back Seats
Back Seatbelts
Rear Trays
Spare Cover
Sunroof Sunshade
Owners Manual
Front Windshield Washer Reservoir/Pump

That weight is with the low fuel light almost on and without me in the car. It's a good guess based ona previous weigh in minus the new/old parts I've weighed on my bathroom scale. I've still got a Carbon Fiber driveshaft on the way and I think I'm going to remove the rear washer reservoir/pump. I haven't actually weighed it in about a year but I will as soon as the last few parts get in it'll go on the scale.
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No back setbelts?
I have my back seat & side pannels out right now (changing 6x9's) How did you remove the seat belts wot out leaving an unsightly gap? or do you hve a big gap there?
I cut a slot in those round trim pieces that the rear belts come out of so that I could remove the belts. Then I glued the round trim pieces back in place. No hole!

Oh yeah forgot this important mod...

Cupholder thingy in center console
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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