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Transfer Case go BANG!!!

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:( :( :( :(

damn... cracked like an egg shell.....

tranny's case is also cracked from the force.... this is where the transfer case bolts to the tranny....

:( :( :(
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Dam dude what were you doing when that happened?:eek:
What did your do after that?:eek:
Dayum!! That's some shit right there.

Gotta ask, how? What the f%@#^ were you doing, to do that?
OH MY GOD:eek:. How does that happen??

Metal can CRACK!!??:eek: Or should I say Shatter??!!
congrats, your beast is putting down some good power ;)
I was goin to an open track event... 10miles from the destination... i decided to drop gear and stretch it's legs.... then a loud thud, white smoke, clung clung clung.... i pulled over into a coincidently Mitsu dealer right off the fwy... they lifted and took a look.. the TC completely broke into pieces... then i call a bed truck and towed it 100+ miles home... :( what a day...

this happened yesterday on the way to willow spring??
Good thing you didn't quit yer job yet.

Wow ....

You know George, with this happening before leaving for the mothership ... I'll be glad to take that car off your hands for say.... $1000? I mean, you just don't need the extra stress of dealing with this before your trip home. Consider it a favor.... yeah, that's it :D.
You still selling the Jeep ??? :p :)
Damn G, that sux :( Was that your original tranny/xfer case?? If so at least you got some miles out of it. I'll bet those fools at the Mitsu dealtership we're pretty impressed w/the Beast. You should have given them an earfull for making such a pos tranny/x-fer case :mad: I mean shit, that thing does look like a yolk should be pouring right out of it anytime :eek: That's pretty insane!
DAYUM!!! what gear did u drop from & into? wasn't something crazy like from 6th into 2nd, was it?!
The transfer case was original... got 108K miles out of it... the tranny was a 2nd under warrantee.. 25 spline... got a good 95K out of it... still in tip top shape cepe the crack case now. tho I dont do hard launches and 1/4mile races, it did went thru some hard test tune and track driving... so... all in all, i wasnt that upset that it went on me

it's a 1st gen.. so only 5 gears :D was going about 100mph in 5th... drop it in 4th... boost immediately kicked it... pull hard and strong... thinkin i was good to go on the track for the weekend... did that a few times.. then the last time... BANG!! man.. the things that goes thru ur mind when u hear that kind of noise and the sudden loss of power... many of u know what im talkin about.. hehe.. :D

no, im not goin to sell it for $1000... i rather push it off the cliff and watch it burn... a more worth while entertainment~ :D
That sucks, I had the main transmission shaft snap in my 512TR halfway to Watkins Glen from CT. Luckily I had the other trans from the 512TR race car at home so my mechanic just swapped transmissions when I got home. The shaft looked like a swizzle stick :)
The week before I was at Lime Rock doing 70 mph burnouts at the top of the hill, it was fun but I'm not doing anymore of those, too expensive
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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