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1992 Dodge Stealth DOHC.

Okay I bought a new Standard TPS module off Ebay. supposed to be TH299 for the 91 and 92 3000gt or Stealth.
When I got it in it was not in a box and it had TS60-1 printed on the side of the TPS ? not TH299, so I thought they sent me the wrong
one and returned it ! since from what i read the TS60-1 was for 93 and above.
So I bought one directly from Oreilly's website, "Higher price of course for the same thing", Standard TH299 TPS which I got in today and it came in the
Original Standard box this time, which said TH299 on the outside of the box.
BUT it had the same part number as the EBAY one on the outside of the part ? TS60-1 !! Which again is suppose to be for the 93 and above
Should I install it and see if it works? what im worried about if I install it, I may not be able to return it if it doesn't? and these are not cheap !
Anyone else out there have the same year, and had to replace theirs ?
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