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Tire Size

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Rim Size

I thought I caught it somewhere that I could only fit 8's on a '91 Stealth ES. I know that someone knows.
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what the hell kind of tire size is an "8"?
I'm talking rims wide, sorry. I was listening to the radio dj at the same time :eek:
Well it just depends on the offset....I was able to fit 10' wide on the front and 11' wide on the back. The 11's were very close, but fit fine. I have a 3000GT not a Stealth, but it should be the same or very close. I would probably go with a 9' wide. I would of gone with that size, if I hadnt found such a good deal on mine.
nathan, nice looking car... very clean looking. Do you happen to have any morepics of it?
Thanks....Just click on my website button(at the bottom along with profile, etc... buttons) and it will take you there. Its a webshots photo album
you can put at least 10" wheels all around, maybe even 10.5 or 11, but remember as the wheel width goes up, the offset has to go down, you should have the same wheel capacity as all 3/S including TTs
1/2 oz said:
what the hell kind of tire size is an "8"?
ROFLMAO!!!!!! That is friggin funny as hell!!!! Keep it up, ounce-man!!! LOL!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D
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