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Timing Question

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I'm gonna change my waterpump and was wondering if the timing belt has to be taken off. Is it possible to clamp the belt down so it doesn't move and have to have the timing redone. I don't know how to do the timing and Dodge charges 3 hr labour x $80/hr, so that's $240 + tx = too damn much. Thanks.
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The T-belt runs the water pump so it has to be removed first , you could probably try to hold it somehow but I bet it would take longer in the after all>
Do it yourself!!!!

Go to Auto zone or the library and get the service manual. It has step by step instructions. I would recommend changing the the timing belt and tensioner while I had it apart. About an extra 50 bucks, but well worth the peace of mind and all the hassle of doing again a few thousand miles.
Good luck :)
You need to at least remove and replace the same timing belt when you change the pump. Otherwise the belt will become contaminated with the dripping coolant when you remove the pump and the belt will fail early. Its not advisable to reuse the belt, unless it has very low miles on it. The same goes for the other parts in that very fragile t-belt assembly. Replace all the pulleys and tensioner while your in there.
The belt does look very new. It has no cracks or tears on it. What exactly does the tensioner do, and is it totally necessary to change it? Price? Thanks.
A quick Look of the belt may not tell the whole story. There may be very small cracks.

The belt tensioner provides both force and damping (like a shock absorber) to provide the proper tension and vib control to the belt. It cost about $ 60 if bought mail order through one of the Mistu parts dealers like Rockville, Tallahesse or Conaselli. By the way, mine is tensioner is shot, that's why I am doing a whole t-belt job including the waterpump, tensioner pulley, idler pulley and belt.

Belt and tensioner

Belt: Goodyear Gatorback..$25.00 @ Auto Zone
Tensioner: $ 33.00 @ Discount Auto
Water Pump ( lifetime guarantee) $29.95 Auto Zone
The only thing is you have to put the water pump together with the old base
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