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Timing Belt Water Pump Where to go

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Alright Guys

Basically I have given up there is just no way i can do my water pump and timing belt by myself in my garage and im just to afraid of screwing up timing and smashing some of my values.


So if any you guys have had good mechanic in the Kansas city area Shawnee olatha w.e plz give me a referral right now im looking at

quoted 870-1000 guy said worked on the platform before warned me that it is 15 yrs old and sometime things go wrng while ur in there or things break im not really sure i know what the job entail not sure how u could break anything besides messing up timing and ruining ur engine

my other option said could be around 1300(with full coolant flush)
Bailey's Auto Service, Inc. - Home he seemed asked me if i wanted it flushed to said it was additional 100

anybody got referral from shop or have free spot in their shop this is my dd so not something i can have torn apart too long

thankx guys

The dealer in town qouted me 975 so there we go
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HAHA take that one back They were only gunna do the belt and pump not tensioner or anything else they wanted 1500 if i added the tensioner on This is very Fustrating Rant stealership Rant some more
Puld cherry hill give me best price on parts? I got somome willing to tackle it but I do not want after market tensioner or pump my dealer wants 800 in parts
Go to ninja performance online, parts will be right under 500$ all oem

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Know anyone trust worthy to install
I'm sure a local member would do it. I would if you were local to me
I'm sure a local member would do it. I would if you were local to me
Note to self ... move near krazy
Ya definately do not take it to that shop if they're telling you sometimes things go wrong. That's their way of saying they're not proficient with these cars. Also the tensioner is 2 bolts, no reason why they should charge an additional $500 to replace it. Would definately suggest trying to find a local member who would be willing to help you out with it.

Also how many miles on the car? Have you done the 60k/120k service? What's the reason for replacing the belt and pump, if you haven't done any of those services and its at the required mileage you should do the entire service. If you're not sure if it's been done or when it was done you should also do it. This means replacing:

-Timing Belt
-Water Pump
-Idler Pulley
-Tensioner Pulley
-Hydraulic Tensioner *Only use OEM

120k Adds the following to that list
-Oil Pump *Only use OEM
-Valve Stem seals should be replaced but if they're not leaking not a huge concern, but they may start soon
-Cam Seals and oil pump related seals
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And the Shitty thing is that shop will use non-oem parts and Still charge him over a grand....I live in Lincoln Nebraska LOL Shawnee is a little far or I'd help

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Yeah I been lookin I dony mind paying local person and helping I've done a lot of stuff cv shafts and what not I just never messed with timing and definatly not on the dohc
I don't mind even driving to somone the decently close if we think it could be done in a day I'm open guys u know as much as I do how scary it is to let someone unknown look at the car and stealership wants way to much
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