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I did a full OEM timing belt, OEM water pump, OEM timing pulley, cam seals, etc. service recently. Ever since doing so, my timing belt rides on the front two cams off to the right on the edge. It isn't falling off, but it makes me cringe to know it is sitting so far over every time I start the car. The old belt tracked perfectly in the center.

My first thought was the tension on the belt. I have reset it twice now with no luck. I next figured the timing pulley must be defective. So, I ordered yet another OEM pulley with no luck. The only things I have not tried are:

1. Reversing or replacing the belt. Perhaps the new belt is defective?
2. Replacing the water pump. Perhaps the pulley is crooked?

I am hoping that perhaps someone else has run into this issue and can offer some advice...
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