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Timing belt cvrs for 91 VR4 needed.

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please respond here.
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I've got the covers off my Stealth somewhere. Why don't you just buy the UR cam gears and leave them uncovered. They look pretty good.
There is a reason they are covered. If you want to risk the entire engine just so people can see colored cam gears, ok, but I wouldn't suggest it.
We should get some clear cam covers so we can show off our gears in style. :)
I wont leave them off. So may i please buy yours, Black95tt??
Sure, no problem, I'll just have to find them.
ok. can i count on it?
Yeah, I'm pretty sure their in a box of junk that Matt sent me. I won't be able to look until this weekend because I'm up at my apartment at school right now.
So, hows your car?
It's sitting in my garage undrivable at the time. I'm still waiting for a clutch from Matt. I also have a boost leak thats been tough to find and the cars been running so rich, we've already went through 02's.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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