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Three Questions, can anyone answer?

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1. I have a 95 base Stealth and want to convert the brake system to a VR-4 one. My question is the 92 RT TT the same as the 2nd Gen VR-4s? and What are all the parts I need to convert it over?

2. I also want to convert the rear bumper to a GT one.
Could the Stealth tail lights be converted to GT ones?

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No and yes.

You'll need calipers, brake pads, and new rotors. The 2nd gen are larger and double sided if I remember correctly. They are also rather large, so I hope you're not running with 15" wheels.

If you just buy an entire rear end off a 3000GT, it should work. They're pretty much the same size and shape. The only problem would be how it is mounted (may be different than your current rear end).
I was told that I would need to buy new struts, and some other odd and end things....and I don't know what those are.....

But about my back end, I have the whole set up I just need to know if the tail lights convert over or not. It appears that there is a body piece attatched to the bottom of the lights, it that true? would it be difficult to remove?

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