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Thinking about downpipe, Question about "flexpipe"

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I just had a catback exhaust system put on my car by a local shop here in town REALLY good price 190 w tax. I had talked to them about fabricating a donwpipe for me and they said that they could but I'd run a risk of cracking my manifolds because the stock system has "flexpipe" to give some flexibility. I've looked at some downpipes on-line and they don't have any "flexpipe" either. Anyone had any problems with getting a solid exhaust and having their manifolds crack?
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When I did my custom exhaust, I got the downpipe made with a flex section.
It makes sense to have it, I don't see why someone would make a dp without one, other than to save on cost.
get the stillen downpipe from just about anywhere that deals with our cars. I got mine from dynamic racing. the downpipe has the flex section and it gets rid of the main cat and one precat. I believe it is one of the only dp's that get rid of a precat.

I have a n/a

Did I mention that I drive an ES N/A. I have no pre-cat, Where's THe most in-expensive place to get a downpipe for a N/A?
HKS has a flex section as well. The dp eliminates one precat, but not the main.

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