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Hello I have a b16a engine and a a22 engine and I
have a LS-R engine. I want to know if I could mod the
b16a ad a22engine together. Also you know that if
your car run turbo then it can't be supercharge. Will
my LS-R engine did for the first time I made it happen thank to SPORTCOMPACTCAR it [email protected] at the wheels.
The turbo was HKS GT turbos and the supercharge
was a JACKSON supercharger.

At first is was impossible. Now it running the LS-R
the-LSIR I think so. So Honda give me the modification
for a stock intake in the throttle.

Yet I did some adjusting to everything. Wrote to
HKS for the gt turbo when I got the turbo I ask than
that I was going to supercharge the turbo.

From 1st gear to 3rd gear the supercharge kick in.
and 4th ad 5th gear it slowing switch to turbo and the supercharger than slowly shut-off. So I supercharge it
again this time from 1st gear to 4th gear and 5th gear is
where turbo kick in at 4000rpm with the adjust of the vtec
the vtec kick in when the turbo kick in both at the same

The vtec is now a TURBO V-TEC-R where supercharge
flow in at 5th gear turbo kicks in. Because even when
parking and just step on gas voo voooo vooooooo booo
when it reach 4 on the rpm dask the turbo kick in.

And b16a and a22 engine I will like to bridge the two together for a new engine b16a22 for my next project.

This was out of sport compact car..reading it always gives a
good laugh.:p

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Actually, Meguiar's Integra houses a Twin Charger system, uses a Eaton Roots Type Supercharger and an HKS GT2835 ball-bearing makes 424hp out of that 1.8liter sucker!:eek:

The air charge, which is force-fed to the blower by the turbo, is intercooled, as a result, the air taken by the roots-blower is at ambient air temp. The turbo is responsible for the majority of the boost, which is about .6 to .8 bar while the belt driven blow makes about .3 to .4 bar.

The same system was on the Lancia Delta S4, and Group B, These were some MEAN ASS cars! AWD, 500hp:eek::eek: using both a supercharger and turbocharger to optimize boost at all points of the rev range. The car was pretty successful in the rallycross, as it won 1st and 2nd in the 1985 RAC Rally.

Heres an article on the net i found of the Twin-Charged Integra:


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Are we supposed to be able to read that?!?!?! That made my head hurt. I also read the article in Sport Compact Car mag. Was this a reader sent in letter or something they published? I must have missed it. Sounds pretty retarded to me. The article on the Group B rally cars was pretty interesting though. The guys that drove that Lancia both died in a very brutal crash--thus, no more Group B. The class was un-restricted, so you can only imagine the performance these cars were capable of.

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i don't care what Meguiar says. that's not an Integra. its got to be the most hiddeous thing you can do to a car. its even worse than putting the altezza lights on a type r. and yea...the different side with different rim shit is just plain retarded. would you think i'm cool if i wear doc martin on one foot and vans on the other?
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