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The BEAST lives again!

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Yay, after 5 weeks and a lot of heartache my vr4 is back on the road. Thank you to di93es (Doug) and paylay (John) for helping me out. They both stayed up way past their bedtimes many nights and both got in trouble by their women but still were there for me :D Thanks guys, I will make it up to you when I am not poor!

Oh, about the RPSIII...DANG that thing is tight!!!! I lifted it up about 2 millimeters and the car took off like I launched it :eek:

Man, these getrash's are a bitch. I don't know if racing is worth the consequenses of taking the tranny out and rebuilding it, that job sucked. Oh well.
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Track time! 12.9
I am shooting for a 12.5!!!! ;) You should feel this thing pull up here in this cold weather! It's night and day compared to FL. (but I am freezing my ass off :mad: )
Congrats!!! I'm gonna try and take the VR-4 to the track one last time before she's sold. I'm hoping with the cool weather and some race gace I can break into the 12's. That is if I ever get my damn clutch.:mad:
Abram---when you go to the track, may I PLEASE take it down the track at least once?

I've only driven one VR4 (Matt's), and I want to see if I can squeeze a decent time out of one.

I'll even let you drive the hotrod n/a, as long as you don't try a 5K clutch dump and powershifts.

Matt---When will you be down here?
Drew, I'll let ya make a pass in it as long as I get to drive the NA freak beast once.:D I can't wait to see what the T/A will do, I need to get some new tires though. It feels MUCH faster than the VR-4.
Abram, If you go on a 55 degree night, I would place my money on sub 13's!

Drew, I will be down there on November 16-18. I gotta hang out with my parents though for their 50th anniversary. Time will be tight but I am gonna try to go to tampa one night. I will let you know when it gets closer.
Matt, what time are you expecting to get here on the 16th? If your free, maybe you, me and Tom can go get a drink or something. You can race the T/A.:D
That would be cool. I'll be going to englewood/port charlotte area. I am not sure what time yet, hopefully I will have a job by then that ties me down hehehe.
Fuck work


Tom lives in Englewood and I don't live to far from there. Let me know when you'll be arriving and we'll get together.:cool:
Don't forget about me.
Drew, I could never forget about you!
Re: Fuck work

Powelsound said:

Tom lives in Englewood and I don't live to far from there. Let me know when you'll be arriving and we'll get together.:cool:

I'm in!!!!! Glad to here your car is back together Matt. Look forward to seeing you again.
You forgot about me though...

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