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Well i went to look at that car and everything today. Nice looking car, dirty on the inside. But nothing that can't be cleaned, only a bargaining tool. Started fine, everything worked, ran nice and smooth, took it out and it was very nice to drive. No wheel torqueing or anything likwe that. One thing i did notice is that the shifter is like 2-3" higher then mine in my RT/NA. Oh yeah and i got to take it out by myself, WOOHOO, in my car i have to shift out of 3rd gear at 100mph. In this car i was doing 100mph in 3rd qith like almost 2 grand left on the tach, GEEEZ....... But once again, no service record. I actually showed him the 60k service list we have on the site and he said he didn't agree with some of the stuff. He asked why you would replace the spark plugs at 60k, I told him cause the service list says so(hehe.....) Well I'm no expert but he knows alot less about these cars then i do. I told him i'll take it off his hands(like I'm doing him a favor) for $10,000. He was like you want me to drop $900, and i should said "yep". So he's researching to see if it had the 60k service done or not. Said he has no clue where to find out. Said he'll call me back. All in all it was a good day. Got to drive a TT and think i actually got him down alittle. Hope he decides to let it go. Just thought i'd let everyone know, now i'm gonna go and cross my fingers. Thanks for the help!!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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