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tech question

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Hey guys,

What will i benefit if i get 11:1 compresion pistons?

Do i need to do any fuel mods?

What is the best bore for a N/A engine?

How complicateed is putting in 6 pistons yourself????


Thanx in advance!

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common Hans i now your out there:D

If you are comfortable with pulling the heads, timing belt, oil pan, and various other things, then installing pistons is a snap :).

I'm not sure how much power the increased compression would give you. My guess is 20-25 hp. A S-AFC might be necessary to tune the car more on the safe side.
I can get you forged pistons at 11:1 compression, rings, and pins for less than $800.

The non turbo cars are not extremely difficult to work on. You will have to go to an auto machine shop and have the rods removed and installed on the new pistons. This will run you around $100.
hey matt92vr4 arre you talking about Mario's deal on the parts for sale section??

If you are, im already thinking very seriously about it....

How much would it cost to have someone put them one for me?

No, I'm talking about a different deal.
i think that jeff lucius worked the compression issue out once before... his formula said that the gain would be very negligible (7 HP). however, the bore increase might help a bit, too.
Matt, Please inform me about this deal you can get me...

My email is [email protected]

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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