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Anyone heard of Electomotive TEC 3 total engine management system?

According to their web page it does this:-

Features built in to the TEC³:

*PC programmable and configurable for 1, 2,3, 4, 6, 8, cyl. engines and Rotories with a 12 cyl.and 6 cyl dual plug option

*Operate in Open or Closed loop

*Run True Sequential, Phased Sequential or Simultaneous Injection with individual cylinder trim

*Configurable for TBI, MPI, TPI and individual throttle bodies

*Additional Injector Output Drivers built-in.

* Run Low or High impedance injectors

*Full 150 mJ of Spark Energy directly to the plugs without misfire

*New Dual Rev Limiters with ‘Triple Smooth Technology’.. 1st step retards timing to a negative -12º degrees.. 2nd step cuts coil current in half.. 3rd step coil current and fuel are cut-off.. all three steps occurring within milliseconds!

Waste Gate (Boost Control), Nitrous Control with up to 4 stage retard available

*Four Programmable GPO’s (General Purpose Outputs) to control or activate VTEC, Shift Lights, Water Pumps and Fans, A/C Compressor, Torque Converter and more.

*New Programmable Adjustable Electronic Tachometer Output

*Uses primarily GM type sensors Diagnostic monitoring with codes issued through Check Engine Light

*Easy to install bolt-on Trigger Wheel and Mag Sensor Kits available for many applications Made in the USA

*New On-Board Data Acquistion

*Adjustable Sample Rates up to 100 samples per second Simultaneously record data from up to 25 inputs including: Air/fuel Ratios, Injector Duty Cycle and Pulse Width, RPM and Throttle Position, Gear Position, MPH, Boost (manifold pressure) and much more!

*Additional configurable Digital and Analog Input Channels View Multiple Data Graphs side by side or Graphs may be overlayed for comparison Graphic Screen Displays may be Printed and

*Data may also be exported to a Spreadsheet program for further analysis Data Logging can be started and stopped manually using a switch, or the system can be configured to automatically start and stop via values pre-set by the user

So it does everything that a boost controller, an air flow controller and all the other bits do, but it comes in 1 programable (probably expensive) box. Has anyone heard of it, know if it works/can be fitted on a 3S??

Sounds fantastic, but i guess has a price to match, but may be worth it in the long run!

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If you want a standalone engine management system, I'd recommend the AEM EMS. Check it out at

- Brian
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