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I have replaced/had the following work done on my 95 VR-4:

1. Transmission/Tranfer Case
2. Clutch/Throw out bearing
3. Front Rotors - Porterfield Cross Drilled
Rotors and Kevlar Pads
4. Rear Differential (From improper towing)
5. New Front Cylinder Head (Due to bad work at Max Madsen Mitsu, they rebuilt original head incorrectly, caused damage)
6. Rear Brakes
7. EGR Temp Sensor
9. Timing Belt/Tensioner
10. Rear Turbo Gaskets (3 times)
11. Spark Plugs/Wires (Plugs on 4 occassions,
again, Max Madsen).
12. Two new 18" Chrome wheels (Chicago roads
bent them, tires leaked down)
13. Oil Cap
14. Shifter boot, ashtray, instrument cluster
clear plastic lens, driver's door window
I still need:
1. The floppy driver's window fixed.
2. Drivers side window switch for passenger
window control.
3. Headlights fogging up.
4. Need Rattling throw out replaced (Max Madsen again!!! Poor workmanship.)
5. Manual roof mechanism broke.
6. Rear active aero on the brink again, tired
of replacing limit switches.
7. ..and of course the defrost vents are broken.
8. Need a new BOV, mine is "honking".

That's all I can think of now, and the car only has 74,000 miles on it and has been kept
maintained well. Has anyone else had this much trouble?

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On a car that new, you shouldn't have to go through that hell. If I were you, I would avoid this 'Max Madsen Mitsu' like the plague.

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It would take me a 3 page post to describe the hell that I have gone through with Max Madsen. I have about 15 pages or more of R.O.s between Max Madsen (Chicago) and Peachtree Mitsu (Atlanta). Peachtree got my car on the road and running right. They told me that if they had performed the work on my car, they would not have messed around like Max Madsen, they would have dropped a new engine in it. Nonetheless, the car is running perfectly now, and is in good shape, I guess it should be, huh?!! Max Madsen asked for my receipts and ROs last Thursday, so it looks like they may cover the $1800 I spent on the cylinder head and labor (actually the bill wa s $2200 due to replacing the timing belt tensioner, but that is another long story).

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Mine is a '92 VR4 here's my list of things I know of.

-transmission/transfer case
-master cylinder
-drivers window trim
-shifter knob/& boot(peeling)
-timing belt, tensioner, plugs, wires
-active aero not working in back
-fog light bulb
-sunroof seal

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>I have replaced/had the following work done on my 95 VR-4:

(deleted - factory consist parts list for a 95 VR-4)

>I still need:

(deleted - anything not previously listed)

>and has been kept maintained well.

Mr. Patterson, you display a remarkable level of tolerance so far as Madsen Mitsu is concerned, but I must open to question your judgement of maintenance. I think that by the time you're done, you'll have enough parts to make *two* VR-4s.

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The only reason I let them continue the work, was that they started the work while the car was under warranty, and felt it was their place to repair it, as I doubt another dealer would have taken it on, considering that they did not cause the problems, but another dealer did. I now live in Atlanta, and I'm very happy with the service/work at Peachtree Mitsu. I can only hope this is the end of all this!!

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I have replaced a thermastat and the little plastic 'T' that connects the hose from the windshield washer fluid reservoir to the hood sprays. 81K+ miles

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Thanks to all for replying, I wanted to confirm that my problems are more or less an isolated incident, and not everyones problems.

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Replaced on my 95VR4:

Front Rotors.....Warped
4 Chrome Wheels.....Pitted
Right Rear Axle Shaft Assembly...

The work was covered by the warranty and done by Tom Masano Mitsubishi of Reading Pa. I've allways been treated good by these people and the work was done right the first time. Not all dealers are bad.........

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Just my tranny fluid and getting ready to replace my transfer case fluid. My driver side squirter nozzle needs replaced though. One of the holes is clogged and I don't get good washer fluid coverage on the driver side!!!

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-head gasket (performed by Dodge. Caused many additional problems that you see below)

-head retorque (performed by Mitsubishi after Dodge screwed up the first time)

-timing belt and tensioner (performed by Dodge)

-timing belt and tensioner again (performed by Mitsubishi. It slipped after the first one was installed by Dodge)

-timing belt cover (performed by Mitsubishi after broken by Dodge)

-coolant hoses (broken by, then fixed by Dodge)

-speedometer(broken by, then fixed by Dodge)

-rear turbo tube gasket (Dodge tried to fix it. But still leaking afterwards)

-rear turbo tube (Mitsubishi replaced the whole thing this time)

-temperature sensor and thermostat failed causing engine to overheat (Dodge fixed this but I suspect that they caused it too)

-drive belt slipped and broke (Caused by improper alternator R&R by Dodge. Fixed by Honda shop.)

-clutch, pressure plate, throw-out bearing (replaced by Honda shop)

-clutch fork broke (fixed Honda shop)

-transmission output shaft and transfer case spool wore out (fixed Honda shop)

-4 Pirelli P7000SP tires (Big O Tires)

-spark plugs (Dodge)

-propeller shaft (Replaced by Honda shop with a used one to fix vibrations but didn't help)

-air con leaks (Haven't fixed yet)

-front struts leak (Haven't fixed yet)

-considering to replace rear drive shafts or differential to fix vibrations.

That's all I can remember for now.

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Oh yeah, and rear brake pads. In that list above, where I said "fixed", I meant "replaced", except for the speedometer.

Also, one of my wheels was bent but a wheel shop was able to fix it without replacing it.

So Joe, join the club.

I see we both had similar problems after crappy mechanics touched our cars.

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Shocks/struts, battery, 60k service, shifter bag, power antenna, defrost vents, tires, brake pads, active exhaust cable. Still have a small wear spot on the drivers seat leather, couple of fender dings, otherwise like new!

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bought it used, but only service was water pump and standard 60k...
need tranny work..

I have gone to many mecahnics for quotes, and to say something about these "bad" mechanics: the guys I went to, I trust with everything I do, and they advised me to take my car elsewhere and find a mechanic who works on stealths, as they all pretty much said "...if I tried to work on it, I'd probably mess it up..." when a mechanic says this, you know they gotta be right...

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Good news so far for me. Since my car was repaired about 2 weeks ago, it is running great and the check engine light is off, and has not returned again. It was on for about 12 months or so. Max Madsen couldn't isolate the problem. Must have been the cylinder head work they did, because it came on right after they rebuilt it, and stayed on until the valve dropped and have to buy a new head. Nontheless, it appears they did a great job at Peachtree Mitsu, where I actually bought the car. I believe it is good-to-go now. Also, I picked up the rear differential over the holiday weekend at my folks house. I guess I'll have that installed soon. I sure hope that it stops the repititive roar and the "slam" every time I change gears. Still think I should sue the bung hole that towed it.
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