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Super White or Hyper Blue.........Do they look close to HID and worth buying?

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I'd like to have the HID's but they seem a lil pricey for that cool "blue" tint, so I was thinking of buying look alike bulbs...

Anyone have these? If so then how do they look compared to the real HID light system? Thanks and peace to all! ;)

OH! before I go, here's the plave I was looking at them:

Opinions and views always appreciated with me! ;)
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HID look-alike bulbs actually have worst ligting than most if not all stock bulbs. I say u r better off saving up for real HIDs.

yup..doubt they will improve your view that much.

if you are on a budget look into Catz Zeta...your light bulb life probably will be shorten by half but it works...

or you can get my PIAA super xenon blaster 2000 imported from Japan :D
Anyone know of a good site that carries HID lighting units? I could do a search and will, but if anyone has a good "reliable" site that has them then I'd like to see it please....... Thanks!;)
AmkreadGTO said:
Thanks alot! ;) All I seemed to find on a search from google was "HID Lighting" applications to growing Orchids!!:eek: :confused: :D
i think that place has the best prices on the Phillips systems... under $600 i believe... good luck!
I love my HIDS. When I got my fogs removed, I couldn't see a thing w/ the stock lights. Now it's much better :D
Jspec said:
or you can get my PIAA super xenon blaster 2000 imported from Japan :D
99.99% Super HID!
Thanks good lookin'! ;)
I love mine too. I got them for $575 last Feb. However, I won't tell you who I bought them from, the guy has a bad reputation(mostly on as a dealer. He purposely took 4 months to get me my PIAA fog bulbs. After 15-20 e-mails, 15 pages on supraforums about the guy's business, and many phone calls, I finally got them 3 weeks ago. And that's only because I talked to his employee and she helped me.

My HIDs blow any blue bulb or wannabe HID bulbs away! I have PIAA Extreme bulbs on my fogs which are supposed to be the closest thing to HID, and they still look yellow next to my HIDs. My next car's gonna get them too, whatever it is. has the exact same kit as mine for $525, down from $635 back in Jan.
I ran cheap-ass ($35 a pair), APC-brand HID look-alike bulbs for a year and they were brighter than the stock ones that were in their. They looked okay, not awesome but quite noticeable, maybe 'cuz of the projector-nature of the 2g+ headlights.

I switched to HID-purple headlights from Nokya a couple of months ago and it gives a truer-white light. These look awesome, not quite as bright as true HIDs, but the color is very close to Mercedes HIDs, very white in the center with a purple rim. These were $45.99 a pair.

Raybrig, from Japan, makes some super-bright HID bulbs, but they're, like, over $100 a pair.
Why waste the money?? You'd do much better to go and buy yourself a set of driving lights. Pick a set that can be upgraded to a 100 watt bulb and you'll melt deer at 300 yards. Hella 500's are almost the same in every dimension of the stock Stealth RT / 3000GT VR-4 foglights. Just don't be using them for decoration in town. Use them for their actual use.
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