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streaks/scratches on windows WTF??

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I removed cheap quality bubbling tint on my drivers side window (from previous owner) myself a few months back and have noticed an increasingly annoying problem.

While the tint was on, I noticed this streak (vertical) under the tint which got to be annoying. When I peeled off the tint, it was still there and now there are more like it. Is my window being scratched by something when it goes up and down?? I've tried scrubbing at it and the scratches appear to be "inside" the glass, nothing I can seem to remove.

Is this something the tint guys would be able to fix if I decide to re-tint? What the hell are these streaks/scratches???
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funny thing you'd mention that, I was going to mention the same thing. I have the same problem. I wish I knew the answer... my best guess is it's the seal (the black soft thing)... maybe as it gets old, it hardens in spots? Or maybe there's some dirt embedded in it?

All I know is my glass is SCRATCHED in a few places. But I can feel the scratches when I rub my fingers over them.

I did a search of the board and came up with a couple possible hits... maybe I'll spend some time looking later on.
Same here!

On both windows I have verticle scatches that are in the middle of the window. It looks like it is due to the window supports inside of the door. They are really annoying and there is nothing I can do about them. You can try going to a glass shop and see if they might be able to fill them in or repair them with some other method.
If I got my windows tinted with like 20% all around do you think that would help??
I would fix the problem first. Because if something is scratching your glass, what is going to keep it from scratching your tint. I would open the door panel and check the supports.
It is the padded guide in the door frame. Mine is doing the same thing. The padding wears down and sand and other things act on the glass. i just pulled my tint also and am going to get it redone....but I didn't want those ass clowns at the local rice shop farting around with my door panels.
I'm starting to sound like a damn Zaino salesman here but anyway...
Try some Zaino Clear View Glass Polish. I had some small scratches on my windshield a couple weeks ago from when I was cleaning my windows and apparently some dirt or something was stuck in the towel and it scratched it. I had bought some of that polish a couple weeks before but never used it so I gave it a try. It'll make your windows cleaner than you've ever seen and will hopefully take out your scratches. You'll just have to keep them from being scratched again.
Just remember... DON'T get that stuff on your paint because from what I saw it will also clean that right off your car ;) And it is a lot of work for cleaning your windows.. it's a lot like waxing them and you can image how bad that is once you're doing the inside of your windshield... damn dashboard :mad:
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