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Stock wheels on a 1992 VR4?? Pic

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OK, I'm confused, someone told me that stock wheels on a VR4 are always chrome... what's the deal with this one, it is the VR4 and TT but has like 15 or 16" Alloy wheels...
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You couldn't get chrome even as an option prior to 1993.
Ok, GOOD whew, I was worried I was gonna have to bitch :)
Yeah, those are the VR-4 wheels. They are 17 inch x 8.5 inches.

That is a cool grey color, though! Is that a stock color? Where did you find that pic? I need to repaint my car soonish, so I was thinking of what colors to paint my car... I was thinking grey or silver.
Looks black. But i do see the hint of grey.

This is the car I'm looking at buyin, it's a kewl grey, looks black at a glance.

I think it's stock, they're asking $9500, hoping to talk them down if I end up getting it.
Those are the stock alloy VR-4 wheels. They are greyish. In 94 they came with 17" crhome spyder wheels, and 96+ they came with the 6 spoke 18'' chrome wheels.
They are beat to crap, so those will have to go eventually :)

they have been chipped and there is curbcheck evidence in one of the rears. :(
Well, it would make for a better sig pic! :p :eek:

(j/k) I can see that you've put a bunch of work into your car.
1) How are you running 6 subs on 4 amps?

2) What's the SPL? :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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