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I have the stock head unit in my car that has been connected to an old school bazooka tube literally since 1992. I love this particular head unit as it was the exact same head unit that came in my very first car I ever owned which was a 1993 vr4 that my mom lent me the money to buy new when I was in 11th grade which was stolen back in 1996 never to be heard from again. So anyway the way this 92 vr4 that I bought kinda brought back memories of much better times in my life so I’m staying with the stock head unit and the tube in the back. It’s funny because it’s literally the exact same color interior and exterior and the system was set up almost the same as the way I had my original car. Only I had the old Stillwater SS10 kicker box in my trunk with a Rockford amp. I remember it was the amp right before they started their “punch” lineup of amps. But anyway I’m sorry about the long story. I just wanted to paint a picture of how important it is to me to have my car as close to my first car as possible.

So, with that being said I have the M529 computer controlled deck part number MB629139. Now I bought this car with a 9/10 body and interior. That was a prerequisite when I was shipping for my car. It had to be low miles, rust free, and perfect paint and interior. But the car jumped time before I purchased it. So I worked on it by myself for about 2 month with new heads, adjustable cam gears, racing belt, 15g turbos. You get the picture I did my upgrades at the same time I rebuilt the top end. So all the time I was working on the car I was playing music through the stock head unit with no problem at all. Plugged my iPhone into the auxiliary port and went to work.
I finally finished my car and I’m about 300 miles into my rebuild which is gunning and tuned perfectly. Like a new car. And my head unit blew out on me. One whole channel is dead no sound and the lights aren’t working anymore. I bench tested it and it powers up but the backlight is out. I bought an aftermarket Pioneer DVD player that I plan to put in my family car in a few days just to make sure my speakers and tube aren’t the problem. And all is well.

So if any of you fine men and woman are experts in stock radio repair I would love for you to message me with a quote to rebuild my head unit.

Ps I know exactly how stupid I sound right now actually willing to put money into a stock cassette playing head unit. But honestly my life really really sucks right now dealing with serious health issues and the car and all it’s nostalgia takes me back to a time when things were much better. That’s why I have the car and that’s wby I took 5 years to actually find the right vr4 for me.

So thanks for reading and once again I apologize for the long story. Fixing this would mean a lot to me. I found a few on eBay but I can’t do $550 for a used one. I just can’t justify that to my wife at the moment lol.
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