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Stock 94 RT Tweeters

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i recently found out that my stock tweeter blew out. They are infinity from a 94 Stealth RT. I was wondering if anyone has used MB Quarts, if so were you satisfied with your purchase? Also, what would the best tweeters be to get that are relatively moderate in price. I have stock sound system and I will eventually upgrade to better amp and i don't want to blow them out.

One more thing... I have my 6 disc cd changer in the back of my car and i don't wanna give up my whole trunk for a box. Any ideas on a way i can put 2 10's or 2-12's in my trunk and still have room. The wood thing pops up how would i get around that if i did get a little box put in there, as to get to my spare.

Thank you
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Personally I think MBquart is the best tweeter out there. I know my stereo guy sells them with a lifetime warranty. He says "If you can blow them ,I'll replace them!" He also said that the factory tweeters were pretty good (but expensive) For the money I'd go with MBQuart....JC
I looked into the Quarts when I blew one of my tweeters. They are alot more than a factory replacement. They didn't offer me any lifetime warranty either. Then there is the issue of mounting them and replacing the grill cover.

I listened to them in the demo room and liked what I heard, they are nice. I was gonna go with them, but it seemed no one would just set me up and do the install. There is an issue of ohms here. The Quarts are 4 ohms if I remember and our factory systems are running at 2 to 2 1/2 ohms depending on which meter was used.

I got tired of Mobil One and Cartoys dicking me around on the install and the prices and just called the dealer up. Replaced mine with a factory tweeter for around $58 with tax and it only takes 2 minutes to do. All you need is a small screwdriver to pry out the existing one.

I'm happy for now. When I want to spend a bunch on sound, I'll do the whole system over.

Oh yeah, the Quarts were something like $109 each plus tax. Plus installation, which I would much rather pay someone else to do these days.
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My Thought on Boxes: Personally, I don't need my trunk, I'm putting a nice box in the back. However, if you need space, I'd say put them in the wood. You may need to pull those plastic pieces right next to the tire, but you could just have holes cut for a set of 12's (or 10's) and pop them in, one on each side. Either that or have a little "stealth" box put in that covers the subs and secludes them in one corner of the trunk.
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