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Still willing to give free acounts to gaming 3si members

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Fellow 3Si'ers,

If you game online, and would like to try our game I am still willing to grant free accounts (these do not require credit card or anything, no cost to you) to 3si members.

Several 3si members are currently playing Terra and seem to enjoy it.

The download is free, it is free to play. The online universe is persistant (you build stuff, its there weeks later) and massive.

If your intersted in getting a free account to play, just let me know.


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I've been playing for a few weeks now and the game is very good. A lot of strategy involved and the game play is impressive. It's a lot of fun and it would be great if we could get a group of 3Si members to come in and kick some ass.
Fiasco ,
Are you coming to the gathering this weekend ?
.... inquiring minds want to know......:confused:
I may have to take you up on that, if I am unemployed much longer, I will need this to pass my time!!

cdd, right now it looks like I won't be coming. My wifes grandparents are celebrating their 50th wedding anv on sunday. I will most likely be leaving (its in central illinois) saturday but am not 100% certain. Where when is it?
Here are all the details . Hope you can make it !! It's gonna be fun :p
Hook it up, i wana play. I play starcraft alot. Hook me up with an account man, i'd like to try it out.
download the game from it is about 20mb and install it. After you have it installed, PM me and I will send you an account key to create your account.
soon as my home machine is back up and running i'm in, i'll drop ya a line, thanks for the offer man!

- mike

Your sig is fuggin awesome...hook me up.
Hook me up 2 please! I tried to pm you but it said ur mailbox was full! THanks
Yea, ill give it a try. Im downloading it now. I will pm you when im done.
IM INTERESTED!!! :) WHoohoo!!, can ya pm me with the info 2 play?

yea, i tried to pm you as well but with the same result, mailbox full. I downloaded the game and am all ready to be hooked up.
I am also interested, pm me the info if you can.
Alright, I DL it, now all i need is my pass and user. Hook it up. let's do this. i wana play, hehe. how about you PM me my info :D . Thanks man, preciate it.
Origanly Posted By N2 TRBL

Your sig is fuggin awesome...hook me up

Everyone knows that watermellons don't float.:D :D :D

Sorry about inbox

Sorry about the inbox guys. You can always email me directly at [email protected]

Here is what you do
1) I am PM'n each of you that asked an account key.
2) Take this key, go to and in the menu along the left side you will see a link for 'I/OMagic CD', select it.
3) On the displayed page, enter the account key I pm'd you and click the 'verify cd key' button.
4) Enter your warrior name (name other players see) it can only have letters, numbers and the underscore _ in your name.
5) Pick a password you will remember.
6) Enter your correct email address (more on this) and click the 'Create Trial Account' button.
7) An email will be sent to you. This email contains an Software ID (terra players call it a SWID). In the terra program folder on your startmenu will be an 'Enter Account ID' shortcut. Use this to enter your SWID and start playing.

You can adjust graphics settings for terra with the Terra DX setup link.

About email

When you create an account, we create an email alias for you. If you create an account with a warrior name of 'Beowulf' anyone can email you by addressing it to [email protected] We redirect this email to you. The email alias is handy because clans (collective groups of players) have their own aliases to, [email protected]

If you don't provide a valid email you wont get your SWID and won't be able to get started.
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