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They worked in the summer but when it started getting colder I would notice that they wouldn't work every once in a while.
They would work when the car had been sitting in the sun, so I think it is somehow related to the temperature.
The lights on the panel are working, though.
Could it be the panel, if so, anyone know how much a dealer would charge for it.
Has anyone ever had a problem with their steering wheel radio controls?
Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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This is not a permanent fix but what i do is push up on the steering wheel with my knee and for some reason the controls work again. Only to stop working a few minutes later. Sorry for the no-help.

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I went up to nothern ontario for 2 weeks.. temperature was -30'C.. controls seemed to work fine for me..

how cold are you talking ?? how long did you let the car warm up before pressing the buttons ?

hmm maybe the buttons' contacts need cleaning or readjusting..
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