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stearing wheel swap

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ok, the stock wheel is really big, i am six feet tall and when i move the seat up (towards the top of the car) all the way i can't really get my hands under the wheel very well. i would like an aftermarket wheel but would i have to lose the airbag, cruse control, and sterio controls? is there any way i could integrate these features into an aftermkt wheel (i HIGHLY doubt it for the air bag but maby the others). has anyone done this? suggestions?
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if you want the airbag, you could get it from a company called Raid. I think it would be a no prob to get it.

But you will have to relocate the cruise, I have under the console right beside where the air comes out under the steering wheel. It works fine, and looks almost stock where it is.

I am not so sure about the stereo controll, but do you really need it? The stereo is right there.
How did you relocate the cruise? I have the same problem seeing as I'm 6'3". I want to go to an aftermarket wheel (momo tornado) and scrap the airbag and stereo controls but I want my cruise. Would it be possible for you to post or send me a pic of this? What kind of wheel are you using? [email protected]

yea, that is a very good point about the stereo. my arms are over 7 in. long (as of last time i checked) so i should have no prob reaching the stereo LOL. i am having a friend who professionally installs stereo equipment put in a new deck for me soon anyway. i am confused as to where exactly you put the cruse control though. is it to the left or right of the vent? is it right next to the vent or in frount of it or behind it or what? did you cut into the console? do you have any pics? anyway, thanks a lot!
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