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Stealth R/T TT vs. 1990 5.0 Mustang

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Alright, for those of you who remember me killing my own Mustang, well now I had a crack at another one. Actually it's my best friend's Stang, so there were no hard feelings :) We're both Mustang Fanatic's I guess. Anyways, we line up and I count down from three. I build up some boost and dump it at 3500... Oops...bogged it down a bit, no matter I'm off and he's just squeling like a pig sent to the butcher :) I shifted easy because I knew the race was mine. In my mirror, I see his car hop with every shift, cool looking!!! Unfortunately, his car was only like 3-4 lengths behind me at 100!!!! What the hell is that? And his is STOCK. I was rather disspointed with the Stealth. And for the record, my Mustang whoops his pretty bad. So if his keeps up with the stealth...that shouldn't my Mustang beat my Stealth? Maybe my friend didn't know how drive my stang.... One of these days a strip test will have to settle the matter. Off topic I know, but are there any consequences in running 14 psi on a car with just FIPK? (has the magnecor plugs and Delco platinum plugs)



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Well, like you said, shifting harder/quicker may have netted you 1-2 carlengths.. also, not bogging the launch ( launching around 4000-4500RPMS) would have gained you quite a lead.
3-4 lengths by 100mph when racing against a car with at least 100mph traps stock is a pretty good victory to me.
3 or 4 lengths is not enough ?

especially with a lazy / bogged launch :confused: :confused: ? ?

As you will find out when you have a little more ownership time under your belt, alot of our strength comes from our ability to get a great jump on the opponent out of the hole . . with you still winning by that margin against the 5.0, the car you have is strong.

You are still stock too, no ?
Yeah, I have the FIPK air intake. This weekend I'm doing the MBC to 14 psi and the gauges. The next weekend I hope to have a turbo timer + BOV. I want to touch into mid 13's Will I be able to do this w/ the MBC?

At 14, you should . .with a proper launch ;) You might be fairly close to that right now.

Open the cats up too . . the pre's and the main. Downpipe would help, too.
Money is a little tight right now so there won't be a downpipe. The cats, I forgot to mention them. I'm doing the pre's this weekend too :) Thanks for the advice man, any other tips?
hey bud. your car should ALREADY be in the mid 13's they come stock doing that..
youll be LOW 13s with intake, no cats and bc. you need a downpipe and exhaust, i know some that have those mods runing 12.5
Yeah, maybe a stock broken-in car can run mid 13's. I believe that, but my car has 100K miles. Shit happens during those miles to slow a car down...

hey fanatic:

How long did it take you to paint your calipers? What all did you have to do?
with a good launch and those mods you will be very close to the 12's. 3500 lauches are no good, you gotta lauch at 4500 minimum. Then once the accelerater is on the floor, NEVER let off until you are ready to brake.
My car with a K&N only with 98K miles.... 14.5 @ 99mph. My car with a K&N, 3"DP/catback/perf cat....14.2.
3 tenths for less than $600-I' was happy.

Moral is that exaust work makes a big difference. So does milage.

Even just with the K&N I never had a problem with Foxbody Mustangs, though.
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