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Stealth Desktop Patterns (Check it Out!)

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Here are some desktop patterns I've made from some pics. I'm still learning Photoshop though.:p
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sweet man!, good job
Nice work. I don't like that yellow stealth though.

Thanks. What kind of wheels are on your car? They look kind of like the ones that came on mine. But yours look more like some Konig ones that I have seen. Mine are Prime or something. I haven't been able to find anything on them though.
Thanks. The yellow one you need to see up close to better appreciate it. But yellow cars are usually either one way or the other. You like them or you don't. I like it because it is different. It is my cousins. His username is YellowES as if you would not be able to figure that out.:D
looks good randy. abax, he didn't ask if we liked them so why don't u try keeping ur comments to yourself
Heh....I knew you'd be on here in a minute....:D
I'll make a comment if I want to make a comment. I didn't bad mouth it or anything so just relax. I like the yellow, it's the black that gets me. That damn line that goes around the ES's pisses me off.
He bought the car like that. I think if funds become available he might do an RT conversion. I photoshopped it and it looked pretty awesome. He also talked about at least painting the trim piece. I don't think any of us love the trim on the ES cars
Want me to get a picture of your car from the same angle as the one with the flames so you can use your own car for that? It might be a few days because ur cars all torn apart trying to fix that ABS thing. We got the pipes to fix the downpipes too, I think we're gonna take them somewhere to get fixed though.
Hey YellowES,
what color is your dad's stealth?
I couldn't help but notice the pictures of the car's in motion, HAVE NO DRIVERS! AH!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

Hehe, I've done the same with so many pics of different cars, it's become the first thing I look for :rolleyes:
My dad's stealth is silver. He's getting it repainted in spring, but a darker silver i think.
dude you have one of the best stock looking es's i have seen i love it lol i love all three but i just like es's heh
Yeah...I noticed that they did not have drivers to...but its hard to photoshop a driver in.:)

YellowES, You can...but it isn't that important....btw that is Jeff Lucius's car of Keep me informed on the ABS thing though. Thanks.
Please keep this To The Top. I'm too lazy to look at it now, but want to tomorrow...
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