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These two questions have nothing to do with each other! My first question is, Does any one on this board own a startac cell and if so where did you mount it in your 3/S? The second part is about the balljoint with the lower control arm...does anyone know how much this is gonna run me and a possible place to get this part at a reasonable price?Thanks as always guys,
NT 91

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I have a StarTac phone (6500) which I have mounted in a handsfree cradle that plugs into a lighter socket.

I use the auxillary socket that is just ahead of the radio. Other than obscuring the radio display it works fine. It functions as the charger and allows hands free operation while driving. It is basically a stalk with an adjustable set screw that plugs in the lighter jack and the phone clips in and out of the cradle (very easy to use but holds the phone solidly).

Volume is fine even given the sound level
in the VR4 at speed and the fact that at 6'4" I'm well removed from the phone (has a volume adjustment).

I got mine from a catalog called Reliable Home Office but the same model shows up in lots of catalogs (about $40 if I remember right).

If you can't find it let me know and I'll dig up the receipt and send you Reliable's phone number.

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