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squeak and then hesitation

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okay, When I'm driving down the road at a steady speed(not accelerating), Every once in a while I here this squeak noise and the car hesitates for like a split second, then it goes back to normal until it happens again. The squeak is like a noise from a sneaker on a basketball court. I have a 95 vr4 with a k&n fipk, downpipe, and an avc-r for mods. This really just started happening after I got my boost controller in. Could it be something wrong with that, or do you think my plugs need to be regapped, or maybe the blow-off valve is shot. it used to honk at me all the time but it kind of stopped that lately too. anyone had a problem like this or have any advice. thanks for any help.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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