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Spyder breaks into 13s! :D

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Went to New England Dragway last Friday night; my second time racing. My first trip yielded a best time of 14.37. Respectable, but I was hoping to break into 13s and couldn't do it after 4 tries during that first trip. Car was totally stock. (VR4) This time, with a new K&N, I ran two 13.7s and a 14.1 (bogged the launch). I was extremely psyched to get so far into the 13s.

After I added the K&N it felt stronger just driving it around, but I wanted some real verification. Well, 13.746 says the K&N gave me some extra power. Unfortunately, the weather was about 20 degrees cooler this time than last, and I'm sure that has a significant amount to do with the improvement. Any of you experts have an idea how much my time improvement could be due to the temp difference?

My 60' was also much better. 1.926 this time vs. 2.288 last time. Top speed was 99.37 this time vs. 97.33 last time.

I'm wondering if replacing the stock BOV with a Greddy will help. Anybody have any opinions on that? I do hear a lot more of that owl whooting sound since the K&N.

More details on the race are at:

Incidentally, R&T gave the Spyder a best 1/4 mile time of 14 seconds flat. I was happy to beat that, even with the single mod.
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Congrat on ur new time. I'm aiming for 11s soon I hope.


jeffmull said:
Any of you experts have an idea how much my time improvement could be due to the temp difference?

I'm no expert by any means, but I know our cars LOVE cold air. My best time was a 13.50 in 90 degree heat and humidity. The last time I went to the track it was high 70's and with a slipping clutch I managed a 13.40. If my clutch would have held, it would have easily been a 13.1-13.2. Again congrats on the new best, that is an excellent time! Now get that 60' down.:p
Vr4me said:
Powelsound: Do you still have the Vr4?

Yeah, but she's in the process of being sold.:(
Your time is directly related to your 60-foot time. I think that is why your times dropped so much, you learned how to launch! I dropped over 4-tenths just by learning to launch my car better. Different kind of cars, but same principal. For instance my brother (when stock in his '95 VR4) ran a best of 13.78 @99-mph when he took off by dropping the clutch around 5500-rpm. When he launched normal (about 2300-rpm) he ran 14.2's consistantly @ 98 and 99-mph.

Though with the only mod change being the K&N and about a 40-degree drop in temperature he ran a 13.5 @ 105-mph!!!:eek::D We were pretty happy!

Nice times and sweet car!
Boost is your friend - put a bleeder valve on it and enjoy 50+ hp.

It should be illegal to run a turbo car at stock boost, even the old Chrysler products of the 80s.
Congrats Jeff!

I'v yet to take my car down to the dragway, didn't know they were still open. Would love to meet up with you up at the dragway and have a little Spyder run... Let me know if you are going to go again soon.

(Of course, I hope to have my DSBC installed soon...)
Are you talking to me? Do you live somewhere in NC?
Looks like it will have to be next season because tonight is the last night of racing on the schedule.

Although, if you're putting in a boost control, you'll kill me. Still, it would be a kick to race each other. I have this fantasy of pulling up to the staging area, dropping the top in front of everyone, and then racing. Of course, that would get me thrown right the hell off the track, but it would be funny as hell. And introduce a lot of people to the Spyder...
How about you pull up to the staging lanes with the top down, then before you race, put the top up. That might give the same effect and you would not be kicked off the track! :D:D
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