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In Chelmsford last night.... about 5:20 on North Rd.
Blue 1st gen 3kgt - wingless.

You wouldn't have seen me.... was driving the Caddy, not the stealth.

Soooooooooo.......... who was it? :D
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I saw u earlier :) this am
I was leaving the ramada inn in cwell
I didn't see you, we're you driving the '99? Are you sure it was me, I was driving the blue VR4 yesterday, I don't even know where the Ramada is, or did you mean the Crown Plaza?
Sticky taped to plastic trim in the back of the car (not on the hatch). Its really tiny camera though, only records in 720p. The bigger one is on my front windshield records in 1080p.

I got a blackbox 2-channel camera system. It records all the time when i drive, and when my car is parked, turns on automatically when there is an impact (g sensor) or someone walks/drives by (motion sensor), and records 10 seconds before the incident and 20 seconds after. I also have a gps sensor add on on it that can track my drive with google maps and puts my speed in the video (broke the gps unit though somehow, but it did work for a while).

PM Me (or text me, you have my #) if you have anymore questions :)
wow I guess someone thought of this already way before I did... happy to know this product exists... this is exactly what I was looking for.... and would of been nice to record the spun out I had on the highway... lol.

I shall text you later! I am definitly interested in the product.
Black 99 Second Gen with Hoop Spoiler in Naugatuck, CT.
I was drive my Galant at the time.
Blue 94/95 3000GT (think it was an SL) with white racing stripes on 84 east bound at about 7.40am.
Spotted Black Stealth in Melrose, MA
spotted a white first gen stealth down a TINY side road in salem ma. was a little dented on the drivers side and the mirror was folded up. im guessing from the place it was parked being so tight lol
Spotted a Green Base at Litttle Casers in Waterbury.

One Stock rim, 3 Chrome Rims
Neon Blue Wipers
White Front Windshield Sprayers
Blacked out Turn Signals
Sunroof Windscreen
Stickers on the Windows and Blue Flames Sticker on the gas cap and other random stickers on the car...

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Friend sent me this pic from MA (Not sure from where, most likely North Shore).
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Yesterday around 11am, I saw a black 97-99 near Albany.. I think we were in Latham att
Base or ES Stealth on Waterbury CT.
Who ever this car is, very nicely done!

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I saw a super clean red 1st gen R/T on route 372 in Cromwell this morning around 7:20am. I followed it onto 91 North but never got close enough to see if it was a TT or not. It was the first non-ratty or filthy 3S I've seen on the road in a while. Stupid winter.
Rare 3rd gen black VR4 ouside boston on rt 9 in newton. Clean, prolly first day out this spring. Older driver, stock hoop and chromies. Sounded stock but awesome! So 97 or 98
Saw I believe a 2nd gen 3000gt on west st in rocky hill last friday around 730ish. License plate was UFO and they took off onto 91S doing about 80-90mph.
Saw a white first gen VR4 this afternoon in Berlin by the movie theatre. Had 3000GT graphics on the side skirts and I think LED snake eyes.
I saw this just off Clarance B. Sharp hwy in Groton. i didnt notice at first but i believe there is another red 2g with a duraflex kit on it in the back of the driveway looking WAY better.
belong to anyone on here??
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No idea who owns that one, but I feel like that Red 2G has passed my house recently.
I may have seen it a few times around the area; not very many red 2Gs around but I don't go into the residential areas in Groton all that often.
I also saw a green 2g in westerly. Looked brand new. I chased them down and pulled up beside... it was an old couple about 70 or more. Prob bought it new. I gave em a thumbs up. They looked confused lmao
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