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speed question

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ok the es is faster than the base, the r/t is faster than the es, and the tt is faster than then the rt.. i get the tt being the fastest what i dont get is why is the rt so fast when it weighs more then the es that has the same power. and is the same true for the 3kgt. im looking to buy a first gen vr4, done alot of research any info on the first gen for matenice would be great.. just a hs kid so not a ton of funds
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Who says the R/T is faster than the ES? I think the ES and the R/T are about equal, although the R/T will have a little bit more weight. I think most of the difference between the ES and R/T are mostly cosmetic. The ES looks more like the Base, and the R/T looks more like the R/T TT. I think the same is true for the Base and the SL 3KGT, the SL has a few more options, so it weights just a little more. If your just a HS student low on funds, I would put my money on an N/A, the TT will have a lot higher insurance, and possibly higher repair bills, simply because you are putting a higher strain on the engine. Also you might look for a 5spd if that's what you want. I think the automatic's go out more often than a manual. But maybe that's just a rumor. You might also look for a Stealth, Stealth's have been known to be lower in price than it's Mitsu counterpart. Simply because Dodge smacked there name on it. Just make sure all tune-ups and fluid changes have been done in time, that will make for break a 1st gen car. Anyone else have any opinions? good luck-
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Here's something that makes you go HMMMMMM. If the Stealth sold for a few thousands cheaper than the 3000GT did, then how come the 3000GT outlast the Stealth? Mitsu from 91-99. Stealth 91-96:confused:. The dealer said that Chrysler/Dodge stopped making the Stealth because they were so high in price & that the market for high perf. sports cars wasn't there anymore.
I think it was the Window Wing. Everyone I know thought that it made it horrible looking.
I happen to like the window wing on the Stealths;). Especially if it had the l.e.d. brake lights inside it. That's what makes it a Stealth. It's like a unique signature. It's different. Besides, look at all the cars out there now that copied the style. Pontiac Suckfire, the 3rd gen Talon, the all too ugly older Saab:rolleyes:.
I love the RT & the RT/TT body design. I'm not too thrilled with the ES or the base models though:rolleyes:.
I love the Stealths look too. Its so unique. IMO, I think the R/T and R/T TT look better than most cars on the road today and ever.
The smooth lines of the 2nd gens and the Viper style front end are beautiful.
yeah the stealths styling was totally unique for it's time and still is today. it seems like it was way ahead of it's time in many many aspects, especially the styling. the wing WAS totally unique, now we have the above mentioned rip-off's:rolleyes: but it still looks the best on the stealth.
Just a side note dudes, I found out something the other day that I never knew about the 96 stealth. Apparently the 96' Stealth TT is the rarest 3S ever. Only 57 were made and like the great exit for the 99' 3kgt, it too had a unique spoiler. The 96' spoiler is angled or tapered on the back side of the curve and not on the front like the previous years. It's angle of attack is slightly higher too. Put a 96' TT next to a 95' TT and you'll see the difference. And it actually makes more sense since you'd want the air to push down on the spoiler and not go under like the rest of the models did.
whats wrong w/ a base model? mine looks good and can keep up w/ rt's and es's hehe :D
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