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Spark Plug Cover???

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Anybody know where I can get a Spark Plug Cover Plate??? Preferably a " GTO " one???:confused:

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I tried...but he wont respond to my email I sent him..or the post I put up...

Any other ideas.??:confused:
here check out Altered Atmosphere they have them that say GTO on them.
If I were you I would go about creating one myself. Take off your existing one, paint it a desired color (give it about 3 coats) Then take another color and using a stencil saying whatever you want (in your case 'GTO') paint it on there. You save a ton of money that way, and if you take your time it looks damn good.
Yeah that seems good man...I just might try it myself..

Thanx guys;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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