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Southern Oregon

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Any southern Oregon 3si members out there?? Just a tad bit curious...
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Just me that I know of... (that posts much anyway, I know there are other members in the area, but I don't see them posting much on any of the forums)
Most of us talk on
I'm not from Oregon but MT and still happy to meet people out in this side of the country. There is normaly a large meet in WA every summer.
A huge meet is what exactly? Sorry I'm fairly new to all this.
It is a get together with about 11-20 cars (this was the last one) and we talk, hang out, share stories, and trade items like a swap meet. There are also brand new items for sale by others. I didn't go to the last one as I didn't have the time or money being over 12 hours away. Options of what to do are left up to the people that come. Over all it is a lot of fun.
NW3S has a Swap Meet every year at my place. In WA. This year we had about 30 cars signup and the owners and some family. It is a chance to exchange parts, buy, sell, etc. We have door prizes and BBQ or Pizza. In past years we've had over 50 people show up and have lots of folks drive from BC and as far as MT to attend. Next years will likely be around July/August.

Other meets in your area (NW) are dependant upon who wants to get involved to organize or help put together. The location is dependant upon the location of the majority of participants. In past years we have had cruises to Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier, and so forth. There are also some mini-meets on occassion but those are small and sometimes prone to failure due to no shows.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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