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Well, I noticed a drift to the left and thought that maybe the the alignment was out of whack, but came to find out that it was just low PSI in the tire. It seemed to help it alot, but it still does it on the interstate. I'm wondering if it's not the big grooves in the road from the "18 Wheeler tires".

As I was adding some air to my front driver tire, I noticed that the "chrome" on the inner wheel base was starting to peel off. As I walked around and looked at all the tires I seen evidence from all 4 wheels. Plus the previous owner must have parked on the side of the street a lot because there is scuff marks and dents/scratches all over the outer edge of all 4 wheels. I plan on getting different rims, so this doesn't matter a whole lot.

There is some stains on the bottom part of the lower ground effect right below the doors on both sides. It looks almost like grape juice or something. But it's on both sides, in the same place and it looks like it just dribbled down from the inner/bottom door ledge. I tried rubbing it with a damp cotton cloth and it wouldn't come off, so I went and bought some Meguire's cleaner wax. That and some elbow grease should do the trick.....

The clutch seems more "responsive" than in my base. What I mean is that when letting out on the clutch it has less distance and engages a lot quicker than in my base. I thought it might be just a higher performance stock clutch, but today I got to thinking it could also be a worn clutch about ready to go out. It seems to work fine for now!! I noticed it when I test drove it, but just took it for granted as a higher performance clutch. I hope my "take for granted" state of mind don't cost me a clutch in the near future.....:(

The paint is in great shape, but I did find one small dent on the back upper side just right below the driver side beginning of the back wing. It's not noticeable til you hit the "sunlight" just right. I'm not to worried about it though. It could be worse, plus I have to remind myself that I bought a used "rare" car, so no chance of me complaining too much. I'm happy I found one! ;) I'm sure I'll find some more things wrong in time, but I hope not! Overall, I'm still a happy camper that I have a 97 VR4 and will look forward to my time of owning this beauty! :D;)
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