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I am replacing the bottom brackets that support the bumper as the originals were out of shape. Could of probably spent the time to reshape them close to original, but for the money it was easier to just go new and not bother with painting or anything. Also replacing some corroded hardware/fasteners to keep things fresh.

1) From ASA it looks like MS240125 is the correct bolt for those bottom brackets. 8x20 washer assembled with lock washer.. My question is what is MS240601 meant for? ASA says QTY of 14 and 6x16 with "green" as the color. Not sure if they are referring to green in terms of galvanic properties or what.

2) Difference between MS240602 and MU240158? Have no clue here as they are both 6x20 bolts with the washer assembled. Best guess is that MU240158 is black oxidized or painted black because it is on black weather trip for bumper trim? Just a guess, have no clue.

3) Accessory 2nd/3rd gen mud guards. Anyone got the official part number for these? It is not part of ASA. Someone on here had the accessory brochure scanned in but those images are no longer live.
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