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soldier needs advise on conversion

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Ive had my 91 sohc for about 2 years now, and its way to slow so im going to buy the dohc, the only problem is while my rides sitting in south side of chicago im deployed with the military. know any good places to get it done and how much do you think its going to be?
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dude i know where you're coming from on the deployment thing, my advice to you is wait until you get home, then buy a vr4. i had a 91 es when i left, when i got home, i had enough to buy my vr4. but do whatever you feel like, if i were you i'd go the vr4 route.
yeah ive thought about it but i already got the wing and bodykit on it. you dont know any place or anyone though?
ive been looking online for about a week now and still cant find a shop aroung the chicago area, i got this guy in MS thats thinking about it but thats far. anyone else know a place or anyone that would wanna do it for some cash?
Talk to Jeff up in Milwaukee, I don't know if he has done a TT conversion but I'm sure he could. He's great with our cars and takes car of em well. He even washed my car for me when some berrys all dropped on em.

whats jeffs users name? all it is is a sohc to a dohc swap, im not trying to do the whole TT thing. so far ive talked to kevin in MS.
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