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Sohc wiring question

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Some rats were chewing on some coil pack wires and I have a question.

I was experiencing spark related driving problems a few days ago and decided todo a tune up and when it came time to swap to a new coil pack I noticed some rats had helped themselves to the wires (in the past AND recent past) I was building myself a new harness when I noticed I have a disconnected wire and no idea if this wire was disconnected when I had the car running good a week ago.

The wire in question goes to what looks like a capacitor and maybe an igniter. It is Part of the MALE end of a plug. The capacitor and other business are connected to the FEMALE side of the plug.

The wire in question is bright green with a white stripe. This gives me a clue.

The wire in question, when "plugged in" connects to a brown wire leaving one of the electrical doo-hickeys. That doo-hickey has two wires coming out of it. A black one and that brown one I was just talking about.

Based on those clues, I'm hypothesizing, that this lone disconnected wire MIGHT be a ground.

Please look at the pictures and send me ANY feedback or trolls.

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I have a 99 sohc and had issues with trash wiring from old age, and repaired all of that. I can take some pictures of my wiring when I get home, I also have my 1999 3000GT factory service manual set and can upload the wiring diagrams for that area as well.
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