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so... what's up with the PST CFDS's?

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any word people?

anyone have them installed?

still waiting?


eh? eh?

please share... i would like to order a CFDS soon.
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I have a 5-Speed PST CF shaft but it's from the first batch made with a 3"diameter. Supposedly they have a new design- made with a 3.25" diameter due to problems people were having with the first batch. I have yet to install it but if you see this Shovel, would PST take my old shaft back and give me one of the newer designs? I guess I could call PST but since I'm in no rush, I thought I'd ask you first.
I think shovel did mention something about being able to return the 3" for the newer batch...

I mean... it'll save PST money because they won't get sued right? :)
WHAASAABBEE? where u bin?
Coyote! shooot.. haven't seen you in a while! lol.

I been riding my bike a lot. :)
Someone should call them and poke em' a little.

I'm still waiting for mine...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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