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So mad that I could barely speak...

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So I am in Athens, GA Saturday night. It is about 2:45am and all of the people are coming out of the bars. I had gone and gotten my car about 5 minutes earlier and was stopping in front of one of the bars to pick my brother up. There are about 4 parking spaces open, but there are a good bit of people standing in them. Not wanting to run anyone over, I slowly creep up so that people can see me and move out of my way...

*Creep creep creep* Brother gets in the car as I am halfway into the parking space, but tells me to park the car because we are waiting on some friends to stop by. *Creep creep creep* and someguy sorta smacks my fender. My brother bitches him out and punks out and walks off. No biggie.

The next thing that I know, some guy steps off of the curb with his buddies right in front of my car. He puts his hands on my newly washed hood, then takes something out of his pocket. At first I thought that he was putting out a cigarette butt on my hood, but then I realize that it is CHAPSTICK! The fucker wrote 'U SUCK' in Chapstick on my hood! I just about lost it. Once I regained my breathing, I jumped out of my car (and so did my bro). This guy had his buddies with him, but suddenly the buddies were nowhere to be found. I walk up to the guy (he is perhaps 5'7" and I am standing 6'3") and start to question him, nicely at first. :) Now, you have to realize that there are a good bit of bike cops outside of the bars when they let out...

I happen to know all of the bouncers at this place and I see one of them walk up to my brother to say hi. I grab him and point this guy out... The bouncer (he is perhaps 6'5", 230lbs), grabs this guy and DRAGS him back over to my car (the guy was trying to slink away like a rat). At this time, a police officer who is walking by is grabbed as well. Both the bouncer and the police officer make this guy clean up the Chapstick off of my car AND apologize to me right there in front of everyone. Perhaps 100 people standing outside in that half block. I was trying not to laugh because this guy was genuinely scared shitless.

I was just so damn mad that I could barely think straight. It took me a few to realize what had just gone on. Unfortunately, I now have swirl marks in my hood where he took his paper napkin and tried his best to clean off my car. :( *sigh* Oh well, at least I didn't completely lose it. It really could have been a lot worse for those that know how anal I am about my car.
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nice story, [email protected]%$ him, i bet he drove a buttstang

don't let the sun hit that, dunno what that would do
and i can't stress this enough, always carry some quick detailer in your's just plain wrong not to, unless you have 6 naked chicks in the car, then it's acceptable to toss it..but still...

too bad you didn't have your 15 friends with ya eh?
Eh, That stinks! Why anyone would do that to any car is beyond me.:( assholes!....:mad:

but you should of done this:

Sad that people are that stupid.

At the same time its nice that for once the authorities were there to do something about it.

1994 VR4
lol that story/pic from supra forum is good stuff.:p
Bet he won't ever write on your car again. Hehe
did you ever stop to realize that maybe you DO suck? ahhaa, im just kidding man :) what a dick to write on your car, especially when you're in it! i bet that guy was about to crap his pants...
That Sucks!

You should of popped him with your GLOCK or at least pistol whipped his bitch-ass and then made him suck on the barrell...Oh shit I'm getting carried away...Thought I was Dirty Harry for a moment!.....JC
I dunno, personally I woulda just found out who he was and where he lived and as he stumbled home beat the living shit out of him with like 3 friends and them smached chap stick all over his bitch face. :) Violant youth today..bah...hehe
I was at the movies & some ASSHOLE keyed my parents MB 500E This is a VERY cool car, what kind of inbred jerkoff does these things???
"You just shouldn't mess with another man's automobile."

Especially when they're in it..
Personally though, if i was my car, i wouldn't have gotten out...I'd have dropped the clutch and busted his legs..
"I'm sorry, officer..I got so mad, my foot slipped off the was an accident"

'94 R/T TT
'95 VR-4 Spyder
'95 Pearl Yellow R/T (belongs to Mom)
Thank god all the cops were around. Call them and tell them you want to make a claim to have your car professionallly cleaned. Get them to write it up and have this guy pay the bill. Screw over his insurance.
countach said:
I was at the movies & some ASSHOLE keyed my parents MB 500E This is a VERY cool car, what kind of inbred jerkoff does these things???
Jealous pricks. If anything was ever done to my car like that, like keying it, or denting it when I'm not around. It would be worth them doing it if I could have been there to catch them in the act.
So many people seem to have no respect. Hopefully you taught him a little. At least the cops were on your side. :)

I was crossing a bridge in the SF Bay area recently late at night. There was a constuction zone on the bridge slowing traffic to a crawl. As I passed by a constuction worker spits a big one right on the side of my car. I'm seein' red so I pull over into the construction zone and start back for this piece of shit. Right then a cop pulls up next to me and asks me what I'm doing. I tell him what this guy did and I'm gonna go have a talk with him. The cop looks right where you can see whatever he spit on my car. Then the fuggin' cop gives ME a sobriety test! I hadn't had a thing to drink but I actually have a little trouble balancing because I had been in my seat driving for the past 6 hours. Finally he makes me get back in my car and leave. The construction guy was probably watching the whole thing laughing. :mad:
993kGT said:
[email protected]%$ him, i bet he drove a buttstang
Hey, man, careful there ;)

Good job. What an asshole. I swear to God, I just wonder what the hell is wrong with some people. You should have just clutch-dumped it right there and given him something to think about for the next year or two when he's in traction ;)
That bites!! What the hell are construction workers doing working late at night anyways?
their job?
Deathsled said:
their job?

Ruiner - You shoulda made him bite the curb.

Thanks guys. I really wanted to hurt this guy. So badly did I want to. I couldn't slip the clutch (there were SO many people around, I would have hit one of them), sure as hell wasn't going to shoot him and I was just thinkful that I knew the bouncers. I figured that they could do my dirty work for me w/o getting in trouble with the police. Not worth it for me to go to jail just because some jealous drunkard decided to do that...
Darktrail said:


Ruiner - You shoulda made him bite the curb.

Ahh, good ol' American History X.

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