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Snow Tires FS

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I know, off season, but I have a set that is practically brand new and I don't really need them. Currently mounted on stock 2nd gen 3000GT 16" rims so will NOT fit 2nd gen+ TTs. I can post details/pics if anyone is interested. Would like $350 for the set. Rims are in good shape. Local pickup only!
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Don't miss out on this one! $600+ set of Toyo Snowprox S952 tires already mounted and balanced and ready to go for next winter.

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I ended up using these the last two winters but don't plan on putting them on the car this year. The tires still have less than 6000 miles on them and look almost new. I store them in the garage in bags when not in use. Now asking only $280 including the rims. Great winter wheels!

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Price is now $300, I plastidipped the wheels and they look a lot better. Ended up mounting them on the car but can remove them if someone needs them.
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Snow is on it's way! Anyone???
Totally would cop these if they were 17+ inchers. :/
Mike they still fit 1g VR4 calipers!
Back up for sale! Now have about 8k miles on them, tires still look almost new. Price now down to $260 for the whole set!
Did I mention how good these look? Took some fresh pics today!

Best set you'll find at this price.

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