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smc alcohol injection

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I am selling my smc alcohol injection.... I had it in my stealth for about two days (works great) But I had to sell my car so I pulled it out. Anyone that is interested in it.. i am selling it for 275.00 or bo. I sells new for 350.00... if anyone is interested leave me a message or send me mail at
[email protected]
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Does it give HP, or is it just so we can turn up the boost?
No it doesnt give any hp.... it cools the charged air going into the throttle body.... which stops the engine ping or knock when you turn the boost up... When I had it in there I could turn it up to about 18 psi... I tried 19 but the injectors starting cutting out...
What other mods will I need to run that kindf of boost? was that on stock turbos and injectors?
I may be interested. Tell me what this kit consists of. What do you fill it with and how long does it last. Give me some details. Thanks


I'll take it off your hands for 250 and i pay shipping if it is the new setup with the inside cockpit controls??

Let me know something

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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