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I've been having troubles off and on with my rear shocks (94 3kgt SL) since I bought it a few months back. It had the stock shocks wth eibach lowering springs and there was a slight thumping (best way i can describe it) noise coming from the back left every once and a while when we hit a bump, which as i drove the car more for a month or so turned into a steady bump any time I would hit the smallest pothole in the road. I took it into the Mitsu dealership to have the problem looked at when I was first considering buying the car so I took it to them and they said it had a leaky left-rear shock, so after a month or so I replaced the rear shocks with KYBs.

On our trial run I noticed no noise, but then the second time I took the car out it would very rarely make a small bump on the rear right hand side (we kept the shock assemblys the same, i.e. did not switch the left/right ones) which has now escalated into a very similar 'thump' nearly every time we hit a bump/pothole/crack in the road. So we returned to the mitsubishi dealership after about a months (i had surgery so I couldnt drive it and it sat in the garage), and they told me that the problem was the lowering springs, that any set of lowering springs you put on a car will cause that bump, regardless of brand because they are too small, which I ensured them is total bullshit due to the sheer number of people on this forum who have lowered their car. My alternatives as of now are as follows: put a dampening device such as a rubber hose around the top/bottom of each spring to reduce the noise, or install new factory springs. Surely someone else has had this problme and found a way to make the eibach springs work without putting extra padding on them, so dish out some advice :D.

Thanks in advance.
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