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Shifter arm?

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My car doesn't seem to shift 100percent doesnt grind it just feels like I am sliding a piece of metal between to other pieces and pushing them open.

It probably is a tranny thing....nothing abnormal...the transmission shop says.

But I took the Shifter boot off...and see that it goes down into a series of "pulley" like system. There is 2 cables I think...and they can be tightened I think. It also pivets on another stand..(sorry I am having trouble describing this stuff) Can anything be lubed...or tightened to smooth things out.
When the hood is up and someone shifts I can see 2 things for the clutch the other for the shifter. What are these things and can they be replaced/tightened/lubed?

I'll get pictures of necassary.
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I doubt the feeling you describe is from the shifter but you can try what I did. Check out my Stealth site in my sig. Under the mods section there is a full run down on how I tightened my shifter.
Cool thanks I'll look into that.

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