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Shame on you all!

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Shame on you all!--for elmo!

Yesterday,I asked a troubling question,and only 1 of you had the decency to answer. I thought we helped each other here! I was very concerned because after many years,I have to drive my Stealth in this New England winter and asked all of you how my car would handle in it. Im sure some of you could offer something,but you all(except1) decided it wasnt important enough for you to bother writing a response to help a fellow 3si owner.
While I realize this isnt a major problem,I;m very dissapointed in the way we all"stick together". I hope you show more compassion in other areas o your life.

thanks soo much for your response, faith has been restored!
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I would've replied, but my I haven't owned my car in winter yet. From all that I hear, they cope with the winter extremely well for a sports car. The AWD helps a ton, but the problem is with all the power of these cars, you have to remember to go easy in slippery conditions.
Didn't see that post. I'm from northern Maine we have very long winters with ALOT of snow. I have driven my old SL and my VR4 in the snow. Both cars did very well. Snow driving is more of a skill than anything. You have to know how manipulate the brakes and gas, if you mess up you end up in the ditch :D Put a good set of snow tires on the car, use studded tires if necessary. Then you should be fine.

First, you need to chill.

Second, I'll have to reiterate what Ebaines said. I only got my VR4 in August, so I don't KNOW how it will perform.

Third, I JUST did a search on the phrase, 'DRIVE IN WINTER' and it brought up 11 pages of threads. Just quickly scanning the first two pages, I found THIS:

Fourth, a good portion of the members here are NOT imbued with the joys of a New England area winter. Most deal with more subdued, mild winters, from Maryland South on the east coast, and from uhmm... well, North California and south on the west. So those that saw your post, may not have been able to add anything usefull.

And fifth, and most important,

Thread movement has been UNREAL lately.

If you post a thread, and no one responds to it within 4 hours, its typically on the second page. By the end of a single night and day, (24 hours later) the thread can be as far back as page 5!!

With that said, any sports car with tremendous power always handles 'delicately' in the snow. NO stomping on the gas at any time, and no assuming that you can stop on a dime whenever you want... these cars ain't exactly 'light weight'....

Drive like you're breaking in the engine for the first time, and that the tires are bald, and you'll be ok in up to 2 inches or so of snow. Anything beyond that, and you should not be outside with this kind of car really.


*edit - spelling typo*
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Buy an old (ie. cheap) set of rims, get some good all weather tires, and remember to stop by the car wash regularly and rinse off your car (particularly the underside)... you'll be fine.

Also, nothing personal, but quit your whining... with all the crapola that gets posted to this board lately, posts quickly fall off the front page and get buried in the dung heap. Many of us just don't have the time to dig through all the 'you forgot my birthday emails'.

Man I hope Alan creates an OT forum...

I second that part about getting cheap rims with snow tires. I hit a curb last winter at about 5mph and did about $3000 worth of damage which still isn't fixed totally. The cars don't stop in the snow, and they oversteer in the dry, so in the snow this is really exaggerated and is frustrating. The AWD will not let you get stuck, but when you go to turn, it sometimes doesn't deviate from its previous path. Also, others panic in snow and cause you to hit the brakes and then the car kind of slides with the abs chattering away with you wondering if it is ever going to stop (as you are approaching someones back bumper at like 5-10mph). I pulled my ABS fuse last winter and found the car then locks up and slides incontrollable whereas before, you could kind of steer it around obstacles. Actually, the car is too expensive in repairs to risk it in the snow, but it will go if you have to get somewhere

freddyx, if you want a question to be answered, keep your thread on top of the page by replying to your own thread, by doing this many more of us could see your post! more whining from me! I was just having a bad day! Thanks to all who responded!!

Come on man.. give us a break.

Your original post was yesterday at 8:53 am. And someone did in fact reply to you within TWO MINUTES.. And now you're getting upset that nobody has helped you, and it's been BARELY 24 hours since you posted..

You can quit your whining and suck me off for all I care.. it's people like you that make this board look bad sometimes..

And in case you are still wondering, are cars are hot and cold in the snow.. sometimes I have no trouble driving in snow up to about 4" or 5"... anything more than that, and your car just starts plowing through it. And on ice, forget it.. you might as well just park your car and walk.. I've ended up on sidewalks several times because of ice.
My car has been great the last 5 winters. I didn't have to do anything to it. Boy it sure was cold in FL.
sorry, did not see your post,fellow new england and 3si brother, :( i'am on the verge of tears:( :( :( although i'am sorry to say that if you read my sig. u will get my answer about winter driving:D
hey silver bullet....guys like me ruin the board..not morons like you? So I whined a bit...there was no need to get nasty and vulgar like you did,was there? grow up!
ya i get that alot too,when i speak my mind, oh well:(
I'm with Silver on this one dude. There is no need for you to start a new post putting shame on us. Just TTT your old post. I could have responded to it but I lived in FL for the past 10 years and I didn't think you would benefit from my FL winter experience. Plus since ELMO answered your question there were probably other people who figured you didn't need anymore responses. Plus you have been a member since 12/99 and have a total of 31 post (5 of them purtaining to this thread) it looks like you have helped out a lot the past 2 years :rolleyes:
hey chuck...good answers! hearing from "nice" people makes up for the "silver bullets" out there. lets not forget,were all in this together!

my best to you,and all the rest...even to you,silver bullet
i am not driving vr4 during winter.
have a ford taurus 91 and corsica 90 for it. Can explain i how i handl it if anybody wants :)

I did?? Where was I?

No, actually, this is the first I heard from FreddyX.

That's why I listed all the reasons, including the 'disappearing post' answer. I would have responded had I seen his post.

It wasn't me. it was Jeff, (aka DarkTrail) that actually responded to FreddyX's first post.

So PLEASE, give him the credit. :)

(you da man, Jeff. :) )

Original Thread is here:


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hey Matt,
i dont post that much because unfortunately,I cant really help anybody with their cars cause I dont know how to do anything with them,except drive.
If I could help anybody with anything,I certainly would. Still,I see no reason to get nasty like SilverBullet did. I said i was sorry for whinning..isnt that enough?
also sorry for dragging this mountain out of a molehill mess out!

Oh, come on, give us a break... I'm with Silverbullet on this one...

FIRST OF ALL, we're not OBLIGATED TO RESPOND and if we DON'T then there's no SHAME in it. This board is for FREE exchange of information... we should be able to pick and choose what we respond to.

But MORE IMPORTANTLY, look at the subject of your post "winter car?"... ok, what the hell does that mean? Are you posting Off Topic asking what type of winter car you should get.... that's what I thought the first time I saw your post. Since I dont' have an opinion on what type of winter car someone should get, then I didn't even bother to open it.

Look, I check this board HOURLY during the day and I bet there's at least 50 new topics started every day. I can't read them all, and I'm going to choose the ones that have the most pertinant subject line. "winter car?" doesn't tell me anything. "How does a 3s handle in the winter??" is something that we'd reply to.

YOU'LL NOTICE ONLY 21 PEOPLE EVEN OPENED THE THREAD!! And that's after you whined in this thread... that's not OUR FAULT that you can't make a subject line that makes sense.

So blame yourself, friend. Be more specific in your subject line and you may get more results.

Further, you asked for NEW ENGLAND information... do you know the chances that (1) someone will open the thread at all (2) that person would be from NE, (3) that person actually drives it in the winter, (4) that person has an opinion, (5) that person takes the initiative to respond? Add that to the aforementioned glut of posts and that your post was on the 2nd page within HOURS, and you have a recipe for only a few responses.

Anyway, welcome to the board, I see you only have 30-some posts, you'll get the hang of it soon... in the meantime please show some respect for the people who have been here for YEARS AND YEARS helping everyone for FREE.
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OK, point made. Let's let this one go. Not everyone knows. I didn't see the post either. Keep in mind that the title has much to do with how many people will read the post so lets put good titles on. Some of them really suck big time. Elmo just has too much time on his hands:D

Hey Elmo, how about next wendesday or next sunday we do my vents. I sould have my double front and rear strut bars in, and you could also check out my exhaust. LMK
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