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Well, I have reached yet another cross-road in my life and it looks like it is time to give up the car in favor of a house. The mortgage rates are too good to pass up and my car is sucking too much of my extra cash. So, I am just guaging any interrest. I don't have any pictures yet but I will try to post some as soon as I can.

Here are the details:

1996 VR-4
65000 miles
Dark green...I think that is officially Pearl green.

Problems: I have some minor stains on the interior from the previous owner. Also, the carpet on the floor is torn just underneath the clutch. There is also a small dent in the spoiler about the size of a thumb. The exterior is in good shape. Only minor chips on the front from bugs/stones. Had some lifter noise in the past but it has cleared up after adding some lifter cleaner to the oil. The 18'' stock chrome rims have some corrosion if you look closely. Got a set of Dunlop Sp Sport 8000 on the front and Dunlop Sp Sport 9000 on the rear axle.

Highlights: Shifts like a champ and hauls ass like you only expect from a VR-4. It has had the 60k tuneup as recommended by mitsubishi.
58000 - Timing belt and tensioner replaced
64000 - Rest of 60k maintenance done

38% tint with a slight dark green reflection...looks really sweet on the dark green car.
No other mods.

Location: garaged at my parents place about 1.5 hours south of Rochester. I am currently located in rochester.

Price: I looking to get in the low 20s for the car but that is negotiable. Interested parties can reply to this post or email me at

[email protected]
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