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Scotty's 93 GTO - it's time !

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So, talking with Mike on Thursday I got tingles about the GTO and the thought of getting her up and running hard. Here is my issue:

While I haven't had the car tuned as such, way back when I did get the car tuned after I had the car built and it had been run in, the car was set to 5 psi. The tuner turned the wick up to 12 psi and we did a couple of runs. We didn't get many runs done as after about the 3rd or 4th pull (open road) I dropped a cylinder. Now the main problem I was having (and still am) is that the boost doesn't come on hard like it should. It's a fairly consistent push, like watching the speedo climb. Now, there's no smoke from anywhere. I can hear the turbo's pushing air but I'm not sure if it's leaking, as that's what it seems like. Or maybe the waste gates???? Had the car dyno'd (power run) and at 5psi, she managed 2000awhp. Tuner said the timing is hell retarded and couldn't push past 5000 rpms.


GT2781R turbo's, Haltech E11 V2 ecu
Custom manifolds, downpipe and dumps
Custom plumbing + FMIC
Custom cold air box
CP Pistons, (8:1) Pauter rods and 2nd Gen forged crank
Engine rebuilt and machined - Stage 3 heads
Blitz DUAL Solenoid EBC

Supra fuel pump, 780cc injectors, hotwire kit, KB BAP, AEM AFPR & eK2 fuel loop

Southbend DXD-FE clutch + orthodox flywheel, 2pce CFDS, LSE SS T-Case front & mid housings + 300M 18 spline OS

Intrax lowered springs
Rear Cusco strut brace
Enkei RPF1 rims 18 x 8.5 all round
Slotted DBA rotors front, stock rears
Battery relocated to rear

Starting tomorrow, I'll be getting Brad to help me suss out my ecu and see what's what, as well as log a few runs. Maybe something will show and tell us what we need to know. (timing, air/fuel etc)

What I need to work out first, is how I can pressure test my plumbing.

Options? Mike mentioned some aluminium plate and some tyre valves since I dont have a compressor. Can I do one side at a time?

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What I meant was we'll check the logs and mapping then go from there. If we can see a problem (like the TPS @ 60%) and can fix that, we'll go from there. :)

hmmmm very very highly doubt its spark blowout, I ran my system at 23psi and had no blow out. Unless there is something massively wrong with your ignition system I'd suggest looking elsewhere. btw do you know what your spark plugs are gapped at? Spark blow out doesnt occur due to airflow it occurs due to boost, if you dont get what am saying it all goes back to the size of your compressor and turbine wheels and their flow rates.
5psi is no where near enough to cause blow out, heck these things run 11psi stock lol
My plugs are gapped as per stealth316. I dont remember the specs tho.

It's Tuned to MAP, so it will withstand a huge boost leak with no issues(other than making no powa), I'm still with get it pressure tested before bothering with anything else :)
its definately not spark blowout. its seriously not even feeling like a turbo car. not even as fast as a stock one on stock boost. it just crawls onto boost and makes very little at that.

I reckon it definately has a manifold leak, it stinks like mad when he gets on the gas and thats when you hear the hissing sort of noise, and it definately smells liek exhuast fumes. His catch can is plumbed back into the intake pipes so definately no smell of fumes coming from that.

I suspect wastegates are opening too early or cam timing and i bet that exhuast leak is not helping but as mentioned i dont think it would cause it to be that bad.

Do you have stock cams scotty? I would also look into that tps issue and speak to a few tuners about it and even show them your logging data of a power run.

Its odd it dropped a cylinder on the initial tune. I doubt even if it has busted a ringland or piston that it would be that slow still. Ive had a busted ringland on an old engine of mine and it only dropped power abit.

So wastegates or cam timing is my call on the problem ;) might be wrong but definately possibilites.

wastegates i assume best way to test is put a compresser on them with 14psi or so and see if they are opening, its not hard to do.

cam timing you need to remove the timing covers and balancer i think and check all the timing marks are correct.
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can you wire the waste gates shut and test it?
I wouldn't fuck around.
Get down to basics.
1) Check timing, cross that off the list that it's A OK
2) Check for intake pressure leaks. Make a tool yourself or buy one, I made one for mine and it's fucking great. Showed a massive leak I had in my gasket solved that.
3) Check the wastegate as suggested above and any exhaust leaks

If you don't do the basics ad cross them off the list you might be chasing your tail!
Best of luck dude, if you were down this way I'd gladly lend a hand.
Stock cams Brad. I might come over again this weekend to use your compressor if you are able to get away from the fam.

Joe - I have no idea how to do that. I'm guessing you literally mean wrap some wire round the gate and prevent it from opening?

Thanks Paul. I'm slowly trying to get this done. I can't do anything during the week so need to wait till this weekend.

Joe - I have no idea how to do that. I'm guessing you literally mean wrap some wire round the gate and prevent it from opening?
Yes that's correct. Retards with WRX's have been doing it for years but I wouldn't recommend it as a perminent thing but as a temp solution to test the gates it's fine. Just watch your boost and knock etc [ie back off before you blow up your engine with too much boost].
I need a boost gauge that works. :eek: Brad, can I have that autometer back? :p

dude your car Logs boost directly into the ECU

other than that buy another ? :p
shouldn't your blitz show boost?
Hmmm. Maybe. I dont think it does, well maybe not in psi??? I'll check.

Mike - I haven't spent too much money on this car in a while (besides fixing it) for a reason. Priorities. :p I also haven't needed to monitor boost as there's bugger all and the pro sport I bought died after it was installed.

Scotty emailed me the logs him and Brad created. I have uploaded them to a public google docs page. here is the link.

I will also upload the actual docs some ppl can download and modify.
Here is the link to the 4 excel files and the tune map file in a single zip file.

MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
I noticed for all your logs your TPS maxes out at about 66% and nothing higher. If you have been hitting WOT on any of these runs then either your TPS is stuffed or you need to calibrate it. On my Vi-PEC there is an option to calibrate/set the TPS. Basically it just asks you to mash your foot down and the pedal as hard as you can and it will measure the maximum movement then calculate that that is 100% and 0% was before you touched the pedal. The tuner should have done this though....
I can load all those logs via excel Joe. I thought they'd show as an actual Haltech log (with maps and graphs etc) if you load them via the haltech software.

I'm working on that but the Haltech software doesn't work on 64bit windows so I'm installing it in virtual PC in a 32bit version of windows 7.
I'm working on that but the Haltech software doesn't work on 64bit windows so I'm installing it in virtual PC in a 32bit version of windows 7.
Now that is dedication to helping a fellow member!
Yeah, that's brilliant Joe. Hurry the hell up. :p

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