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Saw 99 and a 96 Stealth

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Alright, on my way to school I see a 99 SL. I didn't have time to fully extend my arm out of the window but I did wave. She didn't wave back....turn onto a different road and I see a Red Stealth that looks exactly like Trevors. I wave to them and still they didn't wave.
On my way home from school I see the same 99 SL pearl white.
This time I already had my windows down SO I FULLY extend and wave and she doesn't wave back.
But I know where she lives hahahahhaha to bad she's like 30 something and ugly.
People need to wave...but I bet she didn't even realize we had the same car.

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hahahaha. One time I saw another Stealth SOHC beast on the road. I pulled up next to him/her (couldn't see cuz of the tint) and honked and waved. Got the finger and he sped off......I was crackin up. They had no idea we had the same car. :p :p :p :p :p
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