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Well.. I went to the track last Saturday (Tri-State Drag - just south of Hamilton, OH)..

It was the Cincinnati DSM local shootout and they were looking to crown the fastest street DSM. Funny, watching those guys dump all of their fuel into cans so they can put in the race gas. Then they pull out the tarps and take out most of the guts of the car ;).

The Stealth stayed at home that day, mainly because I think it has a hurt piston and I'm pulling the motor this winter. I went with my friend Gruss who has a fairly modded 1G Talon (with a T3/T4 hybrid turbo). He ran in pure street trim with pump gas, street tires, and full interior.

I ran his new car, a 2002 Ford Mustang GT. It was less than 1 month off the assembly line and had 700 miles on it :).

Gruss ran a best [email protected], which was pretty good, considering the street-ness of his car (IMO). It was cold out (had to be in the 40's) and it was hard as hell to get traction. On Gruss' first run he smoked all 4 tires through first and part of second. At any rate, he was happy with the runs. The fastest DSM I saw at the track that day (didn't see all of them run cause I was running the Mustang) ran a [email protected], on race gas.

The Mustang was a blast to drive. It was hard as hell to hook up (made me miss AWD) and my best 60' was 2.1 (not too shabby I guess). My best run in the car was [email protected] I thought that was pretty good for a 260HP RWD car with all season radials on it (Motortrend says the car will do [email protected]). The car was BONE stock with a full tank of gas.

So, as it turns out, Gruss is probably going to sell the DSM and mod the Mustang. He is modding suspension first and then exhaust and a Vortech supercharger. Talk about hard to hook up!

Anyway, I suppose the result is I love to drive any car cause I had as much fun driving the Mustang as I do driving my own car.
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